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Long term vision We would like to encourage individuals, companies, organizations, and agencies with long-term vision, drive for comprehensive planning to investigate possible resolutions of some environmental, energy, natural resources, cure research and other challenging social issues of our time by taking advantage of our mutually beneficial collaboration without any commitments, obligations, or cost.

Implementation of enhanced concepts/innovations is a key to long-term economic growth and to a future for all of us, which results in an improvement in quality.

We proudly sponsoring Progressive Organizations and Institutions promoting implementation of the innovative research, technologies, or products. Please contact us for details.

A global market for ideas and expertise

CORE - Concepts, Opportunities, Research, Expertise - Enhanced by EnCORE Global
Network (EGN), Creative Partnership, Assisting People and Companies with Vision and
Drive to Offer, Locate, and Implement Globally Available Valuable Resources, including:
  • innovations,
  • unique products and projects,
  • specialized professional expertise,
  • business opportunities,
  • assistance in profit increase
    and/or cost reduction,
  • and new efficient technologies
    in allstages of development.

Explore CORE We invite you to explore how our free listing of your CORE may help Providers and Seekers to forge effective and mutually beneficial collaboration.

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Free Concepts, Opportunities,
Research, and/or Expertise (CORE)
search and entry database is available
for Registered Providers and Seekers


Professional assistance opportunities
in finding suitable match and / or
involvement in project execution and / or
coordination, if it is desirable, are
available for Registered Affiliates


The Partial Records of all Concepts, Opportunities, Research, and/or Expertise (CORE) from Providers and Seekers, is also available, in order to help in assessing the efficacy of our free offers in CORE for Review Database

EGN's Idea

On eBay you can sell your French book. On EGN you can sell your skill to translate French book. Or you can find a business partner for your idea. If you are a business owner you can find an idea for a new product or service listed here.

How does it work?
You list here your idea, business opportunity, or skill as your offer to the world. This information is visible to search engines like Google or Bing. Therefore, our web site is a kind of free yellow pages for you. Your information can be found on our website when people search online for keywords that you used in your listing on EGN. If someone is interested in your offer then you will be contacted by this party directly. You negotiate and develop cooperation or agreement. This is how you make money here.

When you need our help EGN provides assistance as required. We also promote creative companies offering efficient financial, development, or marketing help. This is how we at ENG make money.

EGN's Participants Benefits

  • Free listing of your legitimate CORE or CORE's, without any quantity restriction.
  • Search our CORE database to forge on your own mutually beneficial collaboration without any commitments or obligations to EGN.
  • Enhancement of marketing searches to establish the best matches between your CORE and the specific needs or requirements, by offering compensation, negotiated on a case-by-case basis, by using professional assistance offered by our Affiliates, if it is desirable and potentially beneficial.
  • Substantial consulting fee as well as referral incomes for our Affiliates committed to assistance in execution of the CORE offering compensations by forging effective collaboration between the CORE Providers and CORE Seekers.