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Long term vision We would like to encourage individuals, companies, organizations, and agencies with long-term vision, drive for comprehensive planning to investigate possible resolutions of some environmental, energy, natural resources, cure research and other challenging social issues of our time by taking advantage of our mutually beneficial collaboration without any commitments, obligations, or cost.

Implementation of enhanced concepts/innovations is a key to long-term economic growth and to a future for all of us, which results in an improvement in quality.

We proudly sponsoring Progressive Organizations and Institutions promoting implementation of the innovative research, technologies, or products. Please contact us for details.

Company History

The EnCORE Global Network can trace its history to Spring of 1992. In this year, R&D EnCoRE (Research & Development, Engineering, Construction, and ReEngineering) was founded by John P. Gilowski - engineer, businessmen, and developer - as a result of his dissatisfaction with insufficient investments in research and development. R&D EnCoRE was initiated in collaboration with several of his co-workers, dislocated professionals, scientists, and developers, after a decision by the U.S. Congress to terminate the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) Project. This sudden termination of the Department of Energy (DOE) SSC project not only, directly or indirectly, affected over 100,000 professionals, scientists, and developers in the USA and many countries abroad, but it was also a devastating blow to highly promising research and development which carried a potential for enormous technological and economical benefits. The R&D EnCoRE was committed to providing professional consulting services, the research, development of services and products, and international marketing.

Later, Gilowski's continuing grave concern related to lack of sufficient investment in research and development, fast deterioration of the economy, and uncertain future, led to his decision of expansion into the global organization, operating EnCORE (Enhanced Concepts, Opportunities, Research, Expertise) Global Network, by utilizing long international professional experiences during previous assistance to following leading international companies:

becthel  lilly  URA  energy

fluor     ch2mhill     hill